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water villa

Water Villas

Situated above the crystalline waters of the lagoon, Water Villas are connected by walkways from secluded points on the island. A truly sublime retreat, these villas feature outdoor covered terraces on stilts and split-level verandas with steps into the ocean. Netting suspended like hammocks from its edges are perfect for breezy sunbathing. Please be advised that due to Maldivian law, and for the safety of all our guests, children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the Water Villas.
Grand Water Villas with Pool
Water Villa
Grand Water Villa with Pool
Perched majestically on sturdy platforms above the lagoon, these westward-facing villas offer stunning views of dazzling Maldivian sunsets teasebox arrow
Water Villa Teaser Box
Sitting on the water with wraparound hammocks, these villas are perfect for sunbathing and stargazing teasebox arrow
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