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Fitness Center - Environment


The combination of a dedicated fitness team and exquisite training environment makes the fitness and wellbeing experience at One&Only Reethi Rah truly unique and complete.

The fitness environment includes a Fitness Centre fully equipped with Technogym® Visioweb and Personal Selection ranges (including Kinesis™ and Flexability™), a Chi pavilion above the gentle waters of the lagoon and an 18m lap pool next to the main pool.

Personal Training


Personal Training

Experienced and expertly qualified personal trainers are available to offer customized one-to-one training sessions tailored to both the dedicated exerciser looking to push fitness to the next level, or the complete beginner wanting to start a healthy lifestyle

Choose from:

Personal Training – 50/90 minutes

Our trainers are specialists in a variety of fields and create programmes to suit each guest's ability and needs. Whether wishing to strengthen or stretch, relax, run or regain lost energy, a session with our qualified personal trainers is a must while on the island.

Fitness Assessment – 50 minutes

Your personal trainer will guide you through a personalised health and fitness questionnaire followed by tests to assess your body composition, muscular endurance, stamina and flexibility. Based on the results, your personal trainer will plan a training programme for your stay at the resort and even beyond, to ensure a continued fitness routine once you are back home.

Kinesis™ Programme – 50 minutes

Kinesis™ from Technogym® is an innovative training concept which focuses on movement through balance, flexibility and strength. Four Kinesis™ programmes are available:

MoveTo improve everyday wellbeing.

ShapeFor women - toning of the lower limbs and core.

PowerFor a more complete total training method.

SportsFor sports performance - tennis, golf, running and skiing.

Power Plate® – 30 minutes

Power Plate training is the premium vibration training powering a new dimension in wellness solutions for all ages, lifestyles and physical abilities. It uses the principles of acceleration training to stimulate the body's natural response to vibration. These vibrations transmit waves of energy through the body, activating muscle contractions between 25 and 50 times per second, enhancing overall performance in sessions as short as 15 minutes a day, 3 times a week.

Assisted Stretching – 30/50 minutes

This one-to-one session is devoted to assisted stretching and relaxation. It helps eliminate any tightness in the body and improves your overall flexibility.

Boxing – 30 minutes

This session combines boxing skills using pad work with body weight exercises, high repetitions, and relatively short recoveries. The boxing session ends with an assisted stretch.

Aqua Training & Swimming – 30 minutes

Water-based, weightless exercises use the natural resistance of water to strengthen and tone the muscles, joints and bones without the same risk of injury present when exercising on land.





Technogym® Cardio range:
Four Treadmills - RUN 700Visioweb
Two Cross Trainers - Synchro 700 Visioweb
One Cross Over 700 Visioweb
One Vario 700 Visioweb
One Upright Bike 700 Visioweb
One Recline Bike 700 Visioweb

Technogym® Resistance/Personal Selection Range:
Vertical Traction
Chest Press
Shoulder Press
Leg extension
Seated leg curl
Assisted dip/chin
Adjustable benches
Free weights (1-30kg)

Movement Training:
Technogym® Kinesis™ Circuit

Stretching Machines:
Technogym® FLEXability™ posterior and anterior

One Concept 2 E Rower
Power Plate® PRO5 Airdaptive
Stott® Pilates Reformer
Boxing Bag
Swiss balls
Stability boards
Medicine balls
Resistance bands

Our Partner in Wellness:
Our Partners in Wellness

Mind & Body

Zen Fitness

Mind & Body

Can either be taken one-to-one, as a couple or join a scheduled class.

Relax and balance body and soul with Yoga. Using bodily postures, breathing techniques and meditation, Yoga concentrates on physical health and mental well being with the goal of creating a healthy body and peaceful mind. These expert-led sessions involve beautiful, calming sequences of asanas (postures), breathing exercises and relaxation of body tension.

Each yoga session is held in the iconic Chi Pavilion hovering above the ocean, creating an atmosphere of positive energy and the perfect platform for refocusing the mind and rebalancing the body.

Pilates (Reformer and Mat-Based)
Pilates' exercises focus on what founder Joseph Pilates called the "powerhouse." Often referred to as the core, this consists of your abdominal, back, glutes and upper leg muscles. Every exercise requires focus on this centre of the body while adhering to principles of concentration, fluidity, balance, centering, breath and control.

Youth Fitness


Youth Fitness

The health and wellbeing of youth and teenagers is an area where One&Only Reethi Rah is committed to helping parents establish a healthy foundation of exercise and proper nutrition for their children.

Swimming Lesson – 30 minutes
The fast-learning environment offered by personalised swimming lessons provides exceptional results. Three swimming levels are available (1) Starfish, (2) Octopus, and (3) Dolphin, and each level has a set of criteria and requirements to achieve during the child’s stay at the resort.

Boxing – 30 minutes
This session is designed to help children become fitter and improve coordination, promote an active lifestyle while instilling the idea that exercise is fun!

Outdoor Personal Training – 30 minutes
This session engages the child in activities that promote hand/eye coordination, stretching, cardiovascular endurance, light strength training, and creative movement.

At certain times of the year together with the KidsOnly the following classes are also offered: Junior Fitness Camp, Junior Yoga, Junior Tai Chi, Kids Stretching and Swimming Clinics.

Clean & Lean


Clean & Lean

Personal training philosophy by James Duigan. The science of a long, lean, athletic body.
One&Only Reethi Rah is delighted to announce its partnership with Bodyism, founded by personal trainer and health guru to the stars, James Duigan. Following recent training by James, One&Only Reethi Rah's in-house personal training team are now qualified in the art and execution of Bodyism and the benefits of Clean & Lean living. One&Only Reethi Rah is the only hotel to offer this to its guests outside of the Bulgari Hotel in London.

James Duigan's Clean & Lean programmes are specifically designed to strip fat, enhance health, improve posture and increase performance. Their dramatic results speak for themselves. Anyone who is committed to their health is welcome. Enjoy personalised programmes starting with thorough consultations, fitness tests and realistic goals with achievable results by the end of your stay.

Book a 20-min complementary introduction class and receive a shot of a healthy protein shake. Subject to Fitness Center availability.

A Fitness Massage designed to sooth the stiffness of the muscles can be integrated in your programme for a higher improvement.

Find the Clean and Lean logo in our restaurants’ menu for a balanced and healthy choice.

Each private session is 60 minutes:
1 session | US$ 110

The following packages include a protein shake after each session:
2 sessions | US$ 224
4 sessions | US$ 443 includes an exercise band.
6 sessions | US$ 667 includes an exercise band and James Duigan's book.

All prices are subject to GST and service charge.
* Subject to Fitness Center availability.

Clean and Lean

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Facility Information

Hours of operation
Daily from 07h00 to 21h00


Health & Fitness Classes*:
• Yoga
• Meditation
• Mat-based Pilates
• Active Stretch
• Express Abs
• Core Stability
• Island Jog
• Power Walking

*may vary to season or special event

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