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Acupuncture with John Tsagaris

Acupuncture with Skin Guru John Tsagaris

From 22 October to 02 November 2013

Integrating medical skills, experience and healing Oriental techniques, John Tsagaris works creatively to address internal and external patterns that influence the biological age of the skin and the body.

John Tsagaris’ famous Beauty Acupuncture treatment expresses his view that “skin is an Organ that reflects the outer and inner state of the Mind and Body”. The exclusive session will be introduced in One&Only Reethi Rah with his brand new “secret” nourishing mask as a part of his forthcoming skin care. His unique mask is fortified with pure Chinese botanicals and plumping Hyaluronic Acid to enhance the anti-ageing and wellbeing benefits.

His bespoke Beauty acupuncture treatment combines highly specialised facial acupuncture to re-programme skin’s ageing process as well as body meridian stimulation to supplement the holistic approach.

Find a new wellbeing approach to help your body detox and lean through John’s treatment “Acupuncture for Detox and Weight Loss”.

Beauty Acupuncture
60 minutes | USD 350
60 minutes with bespoke face mask | USD 400

Acupuncture for Detox and Weight Loss
60 minutes | USD 350

Acupuncture for Pain Relief
60 minutes | USD 350

Facial Shiatsu Acupressure
30 minutes with bespoke face mask | USD 200

Total Wellness Detox and Weight Loss
7-Day Retreat | USD 3,454

All prices are subject to 10% service charge and applicable GST.

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