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The Artist Studio

Resident Artist
One&Only Reethi Rah’s resident artist will be holding object-based classes on ceramics, stained glass, Venetian mask decoration, miniature sculpture, cold porcelain floristics, jewellry, quiling and scrap-book making. These decorative art classes will focus on the stylish, historical and theoretical contexts of the various art forms including design, ranging from the Renaissance to the present, as well as authentic Maldivian culture.

Pottery classes are also available and focused on wheel-thrown pottery. This technique gives you time and practice to be creative using clay and its related decorating materials. Everyone will be involved hands-on and guided in practical project works covering a range of making and surface decorating techniques to reach an understanding of how to plan, make and decorate clay work creatively and successfully. You will decorate clay surfaces using various decorative techniques.

Visiting Artist Christopher Hogan
Internationally renowned Australian artist Christopher Hogan visits One&Only Reethi Rah twice every year for a few months. During his time in the Maldives, Christopher Hogan will be holding art classes for families and couples alike. Students will explore his unique contemporary abstract style to create their own macro images of Maldivian wildlife and nature. Christopher Hogan also has some of his own creations on display at the Artist Studio, and guests wishing to take Hogan home with them can purchase those directly whether Hogan is present at the resort or not.

Two-hour classes can be booked in the morning or in the afternoon, as per the schedule or privately. Prices for adults range from US$ 55.00 to US$ 250.00; and for children from US$ 25.00 to US$ 250.00.
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