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Dr. Buathon

Healing Retreats with Dr. Buathon

26 March – 25 April, 2015

ZenNa Tai - 60/90 min
The customized therapeutic massage is designed to encourage the energy flow throughout the body, to release chest and cranial tension. ZenNa Tai induces a deeper state of relaxation and peaceful mind.

Tibetan Sound Therapy - 60 min
Singing bowls have been used for centuries to invoke a deep state of relaxation. Additionally they are used for holistic healing and chakra balancing and provide a sense of inner harmony.

Alchemy Meditation - 60 min
A meditation technique that combines breathing exercise to transform emotions and to promote peace within.

Private Transformation Retreat - 5 days
Your private retreat begins with holistic consultation and includes two hours of healing sessions per day tailored to your needs including ZenNaTai, Tibetan Sound Therapy, Raindrop Therapy, and specific meditation practices to reunite your body and mind into one. Receive meditation eye pillow and incense set to complete experience in the privacy of your own villa.

Renew Journey - 3 days
Your journey to a balanced “new you” on both physical and emotional levels with a combination of healing sessions and spa detoxifying treatments.
The program includes: ZenNaTai therapy 90 min, Tibetan Sound Healing 60min, Active Abdominal Detox Spa Treatment 90 min.

60 minutes | US$ 275
90 minutes | US$ 375

Tibetan Sound Therapy
60 minutes | US$ 275

Alchemy Meditation
60 minutes | US$ 215

Private Transformation Retreat
5 Days | US$ 2,450

Renew Journey
3 Days | US$ 830

All prices are subject to 10% service charge and applicable GST.

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One&Only Spa ext. 7766.
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