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Chocolate Hero

Easter Indulgence at One&Only Reethi Rah

LAURENT GERBAUD, chocolatier in Brussels marries chocolate, fruit and spices for 7 years. During a prolonged stay in China, he discovers the rich realm of Asian tastes and smells and begins to coat delicious kumquats (small candied oranges) with dark chocolate: an unexpected delicacy. Back in Belgium he passionately continues to create tasty combinations: "I do only what I like. When I am developing products, my only guide is my personal taste". The ingredients that compose each of his creations are all selected among the best ones in their league, and each delicacy is hand-made: " The chocolate and every ingredient we use are noble and precious: their character can be preserved only through a hand-made treatment."

The new range of my LAURENT GERBAUD Dark Chocolate 70% is built around an exceptional chocolate couverture prepared by DOMORI according to an exclusive recipe.DOMORI, one of the best luxury couverture chocolate makers in Europe, works only with the best cocoa beans in very small quantities, using a manufacturing process that allows the expression of all aromas of the chocolate. (www.domori.com).This exclusive Chocolate is to be compared with vintage wines: these wines are made of specific types of grapes which develop special aromas according to their growing soil. The same happens with chocolates: they are made of specific cocoa beans selected for their aromatic and tasting qualities. LAURENT GERBAUD’s exclusive mix is composed of Trinitario beans (5% of global cocoa production) originating from the Sambirano Valley in Madagascar and of Nacional beans (2% of global production), a Forastero unique of its kind, exclusively grown in Ecuador. The Trinitario beans give the chocolate its richness and aromatic intensity whilst the Nacional beans care for its exceptional length. Treatment of small quantities of beans as well as low temperatures during the whole manufacturing process are essential factors to the preservation of the subtle and unique aromas of those noble cocoas. Not using soy lecithin ensures the mix is closer to the original chocolate recipe. This Dark Chocolate with intense and powerful taste has been developed especially to fit perfectly with the fruits used by LAURENT GERBAUD in his compositions. The Milk Chocolate 50% designed by DOMORI for my LAURENT GERBAUD range is also a mix of rare Nacional beans from Ecuador. It holds 50% of cocoa, has exceptional sweetness and softness. A touch of Guérande salt completes this subtle picture. The Milk Chocolate contains a very small percentage of soy lecithin.


Description The goal of this initiation is to discover chocolate from the raw material, and step by step explore all the richness of exceptional cocoas and to play with the different associations of tastes which make my chocolate “addictive”.
- Introduction to chocolate
- Tasting of different “ crus de cacao” (forastero, trinitario, criollo) to understand the differences between the different origins of the cocoa s beans : 4 chocolates
- Tasting of 10 LAURENT GERBAUD chocolates

Location Reethi Restaurant – Show Kitchen

No. Pax Max 10 guests

Time 2pm to 3.15pm

Date 4 April 2012

Cost Chocolate Tasting, per person USD 50 + 10% service charge + 6% GST


Description Discover the secrets and techniques behind tempering chocolate with Master Chocolatier Laurent Gerbaud and put your own skills to the test by making your own pralines under the watchful eye of our Master Chocolatier.

Location Reethi Restaurant – Show Kitchen

No. Pax 10 guests

Time 12.00pm to 1.30pm

Dates 5 and 7 April 2012

Cost Per person USD 120 + 10% service charge + 6% GST


Description Join Master Chocolatier Laurrent Gerbaud with our Artists in Residence; Christopher Hogan and Glenn Aitken to uncover the marriage of scent, taste, vision and tone.

Location Epicurean Room

No. Pax Max 12 guests

Time 7.30pm

Dates 6 April 2012

Cost Dinner with wine pairing, per person USD 280+ 10% service charge + 6% GST


Spring Vegetable Consommé with Bergamot and Candied Duck Breast

Roasted Bell Pepper Gazpacho with Ricotta Cheese Dumpling, Coriander, Aged Balsamic Cream

Grain Fed Angus Beef Carpaccio with Yuzu Dressing, Parmesan, Basil and Wild Baby Rocket

Bergamot Marinated Crayfish, Prawns with Candied Lemon and Orange Peel, Ginger, Coriander and Basil

Corn fed Free Range Chicken Breast with Pistachio Pesto Salad

Pave of Candied Duck with saffron Sauce and Cocoa Nibs, Liguria Olives and Roasted Potato

Yuzu Ice cream with Bitter Orange Peel and Espelette Chocolate

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