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Zen Fitness Programming by ESPA

Experience the tranquillity and relaxation of the Maldives with our Zen Fitness Programming - a series of fitness programmes which have been designed by ESPA for One&Only Reethi Rah including, Cyclic Meditation, Tai Chi, Thai Boxing and Hatha & Asthanga Yoga.

Hatha and Asthanga Yoga

Relax and balance body and soul with Hatha and Asthanga Yoga. Using bodily postures, breathing techniques and meditation, Hatha yoga concentrates on physical health and mental well being with the goal of creating a healthy body and peaceful mind. Asthanga yoga focuses on the union of movement and breath – a technique that improves flexibility. Each yoga session is held in the iconic Chi Pavilion hovering above the ocean, creating an atmosphere of positive energy and the perfect platform for refocusing the mind and rebalancing the body.

Tai Chi or Cyclic Meditation

Our Tai Chi or Cyclic Meditation allows you to invigorate the mind and the body by cyclically stimulating and calming it through rhythmic breathing and relaxing in supine poses.

Thai Boxing

For those seeking a more active form of stress relief, Thai Boxing sessions allow for a powerful, yet easy to learn, form of self-defense. Every Thai-boxing session ends with an intensive cardiovascular and fat burning workout. Classes are hosted in a state-of-the-art fitness studio featuring cardiovascular equipment and resistance machines from Technogym, together with their latest development, Kinesis, which uses full gravity technology to exercise and strengthen the body's entire kinetic chain of muscles, resulting in a feeling of harmony in body and soul.

Post Workout

Guests are encouraged to further indulge in spa treatments inspired by ancient Eastern philosophies combined with the latest relaxation and rejuvenation techniques. From India and Sri Lanka come Ayurvedic-influenced holistic therapies, bathing rituals and exfoliations, alongside Balinese, Thai and Shiatsu massages.

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