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Signature Experiences

Exclusive to One&Only by ESPA. Life-inspired, life-enhancing, life-giving – the perfect signature treatment has a soul of its own.

The ESPA Signature Experiences are a luxurious collection of advanced therapies from around the globe capturing the rituals of the ancient world and combining them with the knowledge and understanding of modern research. Unique skills, genuine passion for client care and a personal understanding of the needs of each guest are important to ensure each experience is a Signature Experience.

ESPA Energy Equalizer with Volcanic Hot Stones

In both Indian and Chinese cultures, equilibrium and inner harmony are balanced by the flow of life force energy through seven subtle energy centres known as Chakras. Using a powerful combination of pure blended aromatherapy oils, hands-on polarity balancing to regulate electro-magnetic energy and volcanic hot stone massage to release deep-seated tension, the Chakras are opened.

Reethi Rah Sun Ritual

Wonderfully exfoliating sea salts are combined with incredibly nourishing and cooling essential oils to stimulate circulation and soften the skin in preparation for a full body massage with aromatic oils and essential creams.

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